SNOW SHRINE is discontinued

UW will not join the GPC in the new contract with PCRF (PCORnet 2.0). Because of that decision, we will discontinue being the SNOW hub. -- SNOW Sep 25

Earlier Work

status: rough but useful; see #680 for updates

Site Demographics Diagnoses Procedures Tumor Registry
The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) OK OK: #567 OK OK
Regenstrief (IU) OK OK: #575
University of Iowa Healthcare (UIOWA) #588
The University of Wisconsin-Madison (WISC) #681
The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) OK OK* OK OK
Marshfield Clinic (Wisconsin) (MCRF) OK OK
The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (UMN) OK OK OK
The University of Missouri (MU) #600
The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) OK OK*
The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) OK OK OK ETA end of Feb / March
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) OK OK OK OK

*Postgres nodes (UNMC, MCW) sometimes time out (#676); work-around: run it again while the cache is warm


Ontologies: Demographics and Diagnoses

			<item_name>Malignant neoplasm of female breast</item_name>
			<item_key>\\SHRINE\SHRINE\DIAGNOSIS\09\(001-999.99) D~qlur\(140-239.99) N~6vc5\(170-176.99) M~9a4g\(174) Malignan~cb7r\</item_key>

Ontologies: NAACCR Tumor Registry

See attachments to NAACCR_ETL Sep 27, 2017:


This is work in progress:

How to deal with & in i2b2 paths, especially in NAACCR tumor registry ontology?
NAACCR Tumor Registry query via GPS SNOW SHRINE

schils-ontology: DVCS clone of SVN repo

I couldn't figure out git-svn, but hg convert worked on the 1st try, so...

$ hg convert so-hg
$ cd so-hg
$ hg log --template ' {rev}. {node|short} {date|shortdate} {desc|firstline|strip}\n' | sort -n
  1. bab2fdccf1d6 2015-06-04 Organizig new repo per conversation with Philip, part 2: move existing subprojects into their own top-level directories
  2. d632bc0ccd01 2015-06-15
  3. e9b9c63f2348 2015-06-15


  1. badc1f4f4489 2015-09-28 Added version 202 test files and mappings for encounters, vitals, diagnoses and labs
  2. 2dc4f6b7d15d 2015-09-28 added corrected meds oracle file with dates formated


  1. fb7d0d580d61 2017-09-06
  2. 5d708c60cef7 2018-02-07
  3. 12dce4078d49 2018-02-07
  4. c4803c9ab3c8 2018-02-07

TODO: figure out how SVN version numbers relate to these hg hashes


  • a nicer page in with the snowy cow and such...
  • PROVIDE-HF query. DROC request #32. Query is on babel: Shared\PROVIDE-HF
  • OK / temp problem / in progress; ETA XXX / not planned status.
  • gross patient counts: replace OK with 500K
  • active monitoring: #680
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