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KeyGoalTracking is a response to communications issues raised in GPC Global Oct 1.

GPC groups and KUMC staff contacts

  • Community Engagement
    • led by Kim Kimminau <kkimminau@…>
    • staff contact: Sarah Schlachter <sschlachter@…>
    • mailing list: GPC-ENGAGEMENT@…
  • ALS
    • led by Dr. Barohn <rbarohn@…>
    • staff contact: Laura Herbelin <lherbelin@…>
    • mailing list: GPC-ALS@…
  • Breast Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Ethics and IRB
    • led by Dr. Drezner <mkd@…>, Karen Blackwell <kblackwe@…>, Dr. Waitman <rwaitman@…>
    • staff contact: Steve Fennel <sfennel@…>
    • mailing list: GPC-ETHICS@…
  • Aligning with Health system and QI
    • led by Dr. Rosenthal <gary-rosenthal@…>
    • staff contact Nathan Graham <ngraham@…>
  • GPC governance council
    • led by: Dr. Waitman <rwaitman@…>
    • staff contact: Steve Fennel <sfennel@…>
  • Data Standardization
    • led by: Dr. Campbell <campbell@…>
    • staff contact: Dan Connolly <dconnolly@…>
    • mailing list: gpc-dev shared with SoftwareDev
  • Informatics infrastructure, aka SoftwareDev
  • PMO Group

PMO Kickoff Meeting Notes

Jan 9, 2014


  • No need for double data entry – will continue to use TRAC for most of the needs. Clinical cohort team will collect requirements in template (Excel) and bulk (Mani) upload them into trac tickets.
  • Tamara will look into adding a calendar into GPC site and will explore adding outlook events
  • Project management help identified below to help the leads will schedule recurring calls with leads and will start collect requirements and report to PMO
  • Project management team to meet weekly till we stabilize our efforts
  • Communication plan discussed: One weekly email to the whole group, possibly a day before weekly call. Internally meet on Wednesdays with Russ for status updates and agenda for the weekly call. PMO to group on Tuesdays to collect/status
  • GPC CDRN global milestone will serve as a master project plan with all subtasks from Proj management section in the application and from the requirements what the Proj management team collects from leads
  • Identify risks for March and April deliverables and get clarity from PCORI

A bit of humor regarding conference calls

We use and it works well but this is sometimes on target

Global Milestones

Stay tuned to PCORNet Central Desktop and GPC global teleconference agendas for up-to-date milestone info.

e.g. Jan 30:

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