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GPC Hackathon Feb 24-25, 2014 in Kansas City

Russ Waitman (GPC PI), Dan Connolly (SoftwareDev), and Jim Campbell (DataStandardization) organized an informatics “hackathon” February 24-25, 2014 at KU Med Center in Kansas City, KS.


  • Gel ability of team to work together and ensure all i2b2 repositories are operational March/April (milestone:deid-plan).


Discussion notes:

See also GPC Hackathon Draft Notes from Russ of the site lead breakout sessions from Russ Waitman to gpc-all Wednesday, February 26, 2014 9:56 AM.

The following tickets were discussed and/or created at the meeting; we use "Reporter" for the customer (representative) and "Owner" to show who is expected to take the next step.

Resolution: fixed (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Owner
#10 GPC/PCORI standard data model procedures and timeline (PMO milestone 2.3) design-issue dconnolly jsteinmetz
#27 Verify i2b2 version and scheme revision across sites task campbell campbell
#31 data elements for ALS cohort characterization design-issue dconnolly rwaitman
#32 data elements for breast cancer cohort characterization design-issue tmcmahon tmcmahon
#33 data elements for obesity cohort characterization design-issue sschlachter bokov
#58 CMH Base Ontology missing from babel problem dconnolly ngraham
#59 babel search-by-codes for ICD9 works only for KUMC HERON terms problem preeder dconnolly
#60 add UNMC terms to babel enhancement dconnolly ngraham
#61 Add UIOWA terms to Babel enhancement ngraham ngraham
#62 present HackathonOne results to PCORI PIs, Data Standardization task force task rwaitman rwaitman
#63 shared ICD9CM diagnosis term hierarchy enhancement dconnolly gkowalski
#67 Demographics ontology and value sets, e.g. age design-issue dconnolly dconnolly
#69 verify enterprise business concerns and constraints regarding summary publications of QA stats shared within network task campbell campbell
#70 Quality Assurance and Attribution approach (PCORI milestone 2.5) design-issue rwaitman campbell

Resolution: duplicate (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Owner
#68 Lab ontology: representing LOINC as i2b2 metadata enhancement dconnolly budh0007

Resolution: None (1 match)

Ticket Summary Type Reporter Owner
#23 how to query for BMI and other core clinical measurements? design-issue sschlachter lv

Location, Lodging and Logistics

In the interest of getting together Sunday evening (Feb 23), let Brittany Zschoche <bzschoche@…> know your plans for arriving in Kansas City.

Guest wifi

Expected Attendance, Registration and Preparation

We would like to see the following roles represented from each of the DevTeams:

  • Site PIs
  • i2b2 lead developers
  • optional: your EMR/Epic data managers or Clarity Extract/Query experts (#13) or terminology people
  • optional: CMIOs and other parts of your informatics team as you see relevant

Please fill out the registration survey, at least once per site. Feel free to submit partial information now and more complete information later. Then:

internal: attandance report from registration survey


Proposed agenda, subject to negotiation:

  • Opening Session 8am Mon Feb 24
    • Welcome
    • RW presents ~ 20min
    • Introductions, Agenda Review
      • Each of the 10 DevTeams introduce themselves; express
        • any requests from your group to the meeting as well as
        • strengths you have to offer.
      • Note: while "hacking together" is formally scheduled for the second day, it's the highest priority item on the schedule, so feel free to engage in such activities at any time during your visit.
    • Break (9:15 15min)
  • Cohort Characterization data element scavenger hunt 9:30am
  • Cohort Characterization data element summary 10:30am
    • reports from break-outs. Record design issues, tasks, problems as trac tickets
  • HERON ETL 11:00am Mon
  • Lunch 12noon
  • I2B2 installation, usage 1:30pm
    • how we set up babel i2b2 in AWS
    • HardwareSizing
      • performance challenges in HERON vs. GPC requirements
  • Toward DataStandardization proposal to PCORI (#10) 3pm
    • review DataStandardization#data-stds-framework figure 2.1
    • plans at various timescales: EMR set up for MU2 for trial integration, but post-hoc mapping where necessary for shorter term cohort characterization objectives
  • Break for dinner ~5pm
  • Parallel sessions 8am Tue Feb 25
    • Data sharing and protection 8am
      • review fig 5.1 on governance, site brokers
      • Running queries across sites
      • deidentification #26
      • popmednet #14
    • Hacking together 8am
      • Hands-on exploration of design space of a shared terminology?
      • Help each other get i2b2 going?
  • Further discussion as needed 9am
    • continue discussions from items above
    • topics from KUMC visit to UTSW, San Antonio
  • Closing session 11:30am
    • summary of next steps

Site Lead breakout sessions

exact topic/time pending availability from non-informatics leads:


  • Attend beginning of scavenger hunt 9:15-10
  • 10-12; 130-5 on Monday; 8-11:30; total of 8 hours.
  • Data Governance and Sharing Agreements for GPC 10-12
    • Understanding site IRB protocols and Master Data Sharing Agreements
    • Developing umbrella GPC agreement and IRB for the PCORNet Use Cases
    • KC invitees: Karen Blackwell, Claire Sabin, Amy Sokol
  • Patient Engagement and its intersection with site and GPC governance approach 1-2
    • Lauren Aaronson, Kim Kimmenau, John Lantos
  • Clinician and Health System Engagement strategies and challenges 2-2:45
  • Join the larger group for Data Standardization discussion 3


  • Introduction of RCT and PRO elements into EMR workflow
  • IRB alignment and establishing GPC Clinical Translational operational units/SOPs
    • Kieran Pemberton
  • Supplementing the comprehensiveness/completeness
    • HIE strategies: Jim McClay?
    • Kansas State perspective: Russ, Theresa Shireman if available.
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