GPC HackathonFive Feb 12-13, 2018 in Kansas City, KS

Meeting Records


Mon 12 Feb 8am-5pm

Tue 13 Feb 8am-12pm

  • 8:00 for 90min: Morning session 1
  • 9:20 for 25min: break
  • 9:45: Morning session 2
  • 10:15 for 15min: break
  • 10:30? for 90? min: wrap up (with PIs?)
    • roadmap schedule estimates for text notes, CDM 4

PI track:


PI, Mon 12 Feb 8am-5pm

  • 09:30 PI, RCR split off
    • Aim 1: Betsy
    • Aim 2: Scott Campbell
      • BD2K Project collaboration (Campbells)
    • Aim 3: Russ and GROUSE
    • Fee for Service question for the three aims
  • 10:00 for 15min: break
  • 10:15 PCRF application follow and "basic" GPC structure for next two years
    • Data Sharing and Governance; where might we want to lead versus lag
      • enhanced streamlining and facilitating PHI exchange
      • Post common rule changes; how much do we build in?
      • Utah signs a "new" agreement?
    • GPC IRB transition to NCATS and PCORnet supported SmartIRB.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 PI's join Dev team on SHRINE status and ACT alignment
    • PI-centric concern: driving adoption and dissemination across our campuses; other areas to add as priority areas for our researchers and external business development (cancer registry; cathpci next versus UHC for example)

14:45 break

15:00 (2 hours)

  • Projects/trial/grants development
    • bringing internal researchers to PCORnet
    • who are your top leads/topics? Ex: ALS X02 NCATS grant, CHF with KUMC and UNMC, CF at KUMC expansion project with UHC data, MDA and muscular dystrophy
    • where to focus energy, strengths, and possible CRG alignment?
  • Membership model for the future beyond the initial PCRF application
    • when to entertain?
    • what structure and what requirements from members wrt engagement and infrastructure

PI, Tue 13 Feb 8am-12pm

  • 8:00 PCORnet 1.0 contractual aims, carry over and/or other opportunities, and technical infrastructure prioritization
    • request for extension likely granted
    • de-id notes and likely NLP is a contractual milestone.
      • executing on the technical
      • identifying and supporting pilot?
  • solidifying data delivery: How to have other campuses scale up to ship data and educate customers (ala PVRM and videos) for data out of i2b2 ala KUMC databuilder approach. Also side car support for CDM
    • Partnership with campuses on a second GPC pilot opportunity?
  • 9:00 budget discussion for ROA/FRT/SOS in light of Rachel's initial assessment for PaTH versus Brad/Steve? GPC ROA and general trend data.
  • 9:45 Other infrastructure, resources, challenges discussion and reflection in follow up to the membership and planning discussion Monday afternoon
    • Death master file challenges from the feds wrt certification.
    • Key decisions we need to make or decide to make
  • 10:30 wrap up with the dev team

details sufficient to justify air fare due at T-8 weeks = Dec 18, 2017

detailed agenda due at T-2 weeks = Jan 29, 2018

Previous Hackathons

See HackathonFour etc. to get a feel for the meetings.

Tickets (to be) discussed

note: incomplete

Milestone: cancer-rcr-3 (1 match)

Ticket Reporter Summary Owner Blocked By
#623 brad_mcdowell training for GROUSE SQL queries mwennberg

Milestone: next-d (1 match)

Ticket Reporter Summary Owner Blocked By
#682 meiliu Submit 9 data tables for Next-D study tmcneeley

Milestone: snow-shrine-3 (3 matches)

Ticket Reporter Summary Owner Blocked By
#280 preeder Medication ontology orgainzed by ingredient campbell #568, #592
#411 dconnolly Align SNOW SHRINE terminology with expanded SCILHS Ontology for interoperation of query campbell #23, #90, #201, #243, #280, #525, #583
#583 campbell SNOW SCILHS Lab Metadata Expansion campbell



  • Start time: 8am Mon, Feb 12
  • End time: Noon, Tue Feb 13

Please plan to arriving Sunday evening (we will likely host an informal dinner for those who are able to make it) and stay through the whole meeting.



DevTeams and Site PIs will be working in the Beller Conference Center (in Hemenway Building) on 39th street. Two classrooms will be combined for the DevTeams, and Site PIs will be in a separate classroom. The locations of these buildings can be viewed on the Campus Map.

  • Monday, February 12th: Classroom 1005 & 1007 combined, Classroom 1009
  • Tuesday, February 13th: Classroom 1005 & 1007 combined, Classroom 1009

Remote Participation


Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: +1 (872) 240-3311

Access Code: 443-140-365

Joining from a video-conferencing room or system? Dial: Cisco devices: 443140365@

First GoToMeeting?? Let's do a quick system check:


  • Sunday, 11 Feb: There will be an informal dinner at Jack Stack Barbecue on the Plaza at 6:30pm for those who are already in town. Everyone will pay for their own meal at this dinner. Reservation is under KU Medical Center. This is not within walking distance, so everyone will need to drive themselves, carpool, or get a cab (see cab information below). Address is: 4747 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64112. Please contact Brooklyn Winkel (bwinkel2@… or 913-588-7251) if you have any questions or would like assistance lining up someone to carpool with.
  • Monday, 12 Feb: A complimentary breakfast buffet will be provided at the hotel, and lunch will be provided at the meeting space at KUMC. Dinner will be held at SPIN! Pizza which is nearby, but not within walking distance. You will need to drive yourself, carpool, or get a cab (see cab information below). We will pay for everyone's food at this dinner, but you will need to pay for your own alcoholic beverages. Reservation is under KU Medical Center. Dinner will be at 6:30pm with a variety of buffet-style pizzas. Address is: 4950 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112. Please contact Brooklyn Winkel (bwinkel2@… or 913-588-7251) if you have any questions or would like assistance lining up someone to carpool with.
  • Tuesday, 13 Feb: A complimentary breakfast buffet will be provided at the hotel. Beverages will be provided throughout the morning, and boxed lunches will be available for you to take with you at the conclusion of the meeting.


You will need to call and get a cab from the airport to your hotel when you arrive and back to the airport upon your departure. The meeting space is within easy walking distance of the Holiday Inn. Meals are not too far from KUMC and we will attempt to carpool, or you may call your own cab. You may use any of the following cab companies:

  • Checker Cab: (816) 444-4444
  • Yellow Cab: (816) 471-5000
  • Super Shuttle: (816) 471-6050 (only for trips to/from the airport)


  • PI track: Russ Waitman waitman@…
  • Dev track: Dan Connolly 913-945-6741
  • travel and logistics: Brooklyn Winkel bwinkel2@… 913-588-7251
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