These are the DataStandardization and SoftwareDev teams from the GPC sites.

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The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC)

  • Russ Waitman <rwaitman@…> (bio, photo)
  • Dan Connolly, lead Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer <​dconnolly@…> 913-945-6741
  • Nathan Graham, Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
    • e.g. HERON:MedMapping
  • Matt Hoag, Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer
  • Bhargav Adagarla, Project Director
  • Tamara McMahon, clinical informatics coordinator
    • GPC Honest broker

See also PMO for other GPC support roles from KUMC.


At HackathonOne, Dan presented:

The HERON repository contains approximately 1.3 billion real observations from diverse sources such as the Epic electronic medical record, social security, tumor registry, billing records, and hospital quality indicators.

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Children's Mercy Hospital CMH

Indiana / Regenstrief (IU)

  • Tony French tfrench
  • Jeff Stroup (system engineer)
  • Daniel Hood dhood

Site visit summary (Nov 30-Dec 2, 2015)

  • #394 Load IU terms on Babel - good progress
  • #395 PopMedNet? node at IU - waiting for PCORnet central
  • #443 IU / Regenstrief Cancer Tumor Registry on babel - interesting design discussions, to re-visit after access/regulatory issues are addressed
  • #199 medication workflows - interesting surescripts process
  • CompleteData - INPC (HIE) integration, medicaid
  • milestone:emr-align-mu2 - deploying trials in the EMR
  • #401 patient mapping
  • PCORnet DataCommittee, OHDSI Analysis Tools
  • lots of other interesting dicussion: CTSA (CTSI) relationship, patient engagement, investigator engagement, ...

onboarding requests from a few weeks earlier

University of Iowa Healthcare (UIOWA)

  • E. C.
    • PI of Iowa subcontract
  • Nick Smith <nicholas-c-smith@…> nsmith tickets
    • Informatics Lead

Russ Waitman and Nathan Graham visited in July, 2014.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (WISC)

  • Tom Mish <mish@…>
    • i2b2 leader
  • Umberto Tachinardi <tachinardi@…> (bio, photo)
    • PI
  • Debbie Yoshihara
  • Keith Wanta kwanta
  • Don Steger dsteger

Russ Waitman and Nathan Graham made a site visit July, 2014.

Tom sent an architectural description Wednesday, January 22, 2014 10:30 AM; I can't find it in the gpc-dev archive; I'm not sure what's going on.

The i2b2 team is part of the UW-Health system EDW group (HIMC).

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)

  • Bradley W. Taylor, CRIO, <btaylor@…>
  • George Kowalski, Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer, <gkowalski@…>
  • Weihong Jin, Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer, <wjin@…>
  • Mark Oium, REDCap Systems Manager, <moium@…>
  • Alexander Stoddard, Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer, <astoddard@…>
  • Kristen Osinski, Business Analyst , <kosinski@…>

Russ and Matt (?) made a site visit in May 2014, around an Epic event.

Marshfield Clinic (Wisconsin) (MCRF)

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

  • Robert Greenlee <greenlee.robert@…>
    • Site lead/PI
  • Laurel Verhagen <verhagen.laurel@…>
    • Project Manager
  • Erica Scotty <scotty.erica@…>
    • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Eric LaRose? <larose.eric@…>
    • i2b2 Lead

Russ Waitman and Dan Connolly made a site visit July 2014.

The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (UMN)

  • Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, PhD
    • site lead/PI
  • Justin Dale, Manager Research and Development AHC-IS
  • Tim Meyer, Lead database developer
  • Supreet Kathpalia, Clinical Data analyst
  • Bonnie Westra, terminology
  • Michelle Coady, Associate Director - AHCSH BioMed? Health Informatics
  • Stuart Speedie, IHI Faculty Fellow

team intro

The UMN i2b2 is version 1.6.09 and sourced from Epic- Clarity. ...

Russ Waitman and Dan Connolly made a site visit late May 2014.

The University of Missouri (MU)

  • Jerry Parker, PhD
    • site lead/PI
  • Abu Saleh Mohammad Mosa, Director of Research Informatics
  • Tim Green, Tiger Institute/ Manager, Innovate tgreen
  • Todd McNeeley tmcneeley
  • Mihail Popescu, Associate Professor
  • Nate Apathy, Program Manager

Russ Waitman and Dan Connolly made a site visit Aug 25-26, 2015, in preparation for the start of phase 2.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

Russ Waitman and Dan Connolly made a site visit Jan, 2014.

The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)

github organization: UTHSCSA-CIRD

Russ Waitman and Nathan Graham made a site visit in February, 2014.

We are trying to get off to a good start with modular ETL and deploy scripts that are consistently documented and can be shared with other sites via an open source code repo (Gitorious). From the start, we will keep site-specific and/or protected information factored out of the codebase so we can share the rest of the code without having to scrub it. Our first (sample) data source is NAACCR.

We should have both 1.7 and i2b2 instances running against our database schemas, trac and redcap up and running.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW)

  • Phillip Reeder <phillip.reeder@…>
    • i2b2/etl lead
  • Dipti Ranganathan, VP Academic Information Systems, <Dipti.Ranganathan@…>
  • Linsday Cowell, <Lindsay.Cowell@…>
    • Site PI
  • Douglu Xie
  • Susan Morrison
    • Database Analyst

Russ Waitman and Nathan Graham made a site visit in February, 2014.

See also

  • #13 re EMR contacts at each site (Epic, Cerner, Marshfield cattails)
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