Brian: we can accept input on colorectal case review (#690) thru Friday Apr 27

  • Feb 23 was the goal for MED_ADMIN #651
    • #702 is outstanding
    • collecting details on MED_ADMIN logic continues
  • Mid to late March is a goal for then 2nd data pull #663
    • #701 is outstanding

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TODO: figure out the March 4, 2019 stuff

CancerRCR#Aim3 priority: CDM, i2b2 datamarts (#687, ...)

interim goal: Build analysis dataset using linked claims

this subsumes milestone:grouse-3:

goal: ETL CMS Files to CDM in time for testing SAS code (#677) in CancerRCR aim 3

see also: GROUSE, milestone:grouse-resdac-2

CDC report due Apr 30 (ticket:682#comment:19)

Working on 3rd batch: #689.

Earlier goals:

  • #545 DM sample definition
  • #682 1st batch

Study sample and

The background for the project was discussed in the 20 Dec 2016 gpc-dev meeting.

This study will compare diabetes diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes in states that expanded Medicaid eligibility ("expansion states") with those states that did not.

  • Northwestern is the lead site (PI: Bernie Black, Project Coordinator: charon.gladfelter@…
  • CAPriCORN is another participating CDRN (co-PI: Abel Kho, MD)
  • KUMC and MCW are subaward sites to Northwestern; led by co-PIs Mei Liu, PhD (KUMC) and John Meurer, MD (MCW)
  • 8 Participating GPC sites will run annual queries

Will utilize geocoding (#544); also related: ResDAC work.

beta testing is May 1 - May 18. MCRF leading for GPC.

  • Distribution: July 2
  • Due: Aug 6

note beta materials from 15 May call.

CDM schedule notes from HackathonFive

6th half-year of GPC of Phase 2, starting March 2018

Each half-year milestone includes a Progress Report - in Phase 1, PCORI provided templates.

PCORnet Phase 2 milestones due in July 2018:

Execute 200 pre-research or research queries per year submitted by the CC (milestone 2.3.4)
Create report outlining participation in 20 observational studies year 3 (milestone 2.5.2)
Create report outlining participation in 5 clinical trials in Year 3 (milestone 2.5.3)

Goal: automate a feasibility query for the GPC DROC (discussed in particular 24 Oct)


New staff to introduce at UW-Madison… Bill Taylor (bill.taylor@…) -- 19 Sep

goal: initial Nebraska Lexicon delivery (#411) based on SCILHS / ARCH 3.1 eventual goal: expanded Labs (#583), Meds (#280)

Mid Oct is a couple months before likely LEC dates.

At HackathonFive in early Feb, JRC guestimate interop with UIOWA to take ~6 months

As the KUMC's file was not reviewed yet by Sarah Marks, this milestone needs to be postponed to a later date.

  • August 2016: Wave 1 SSDC (will characterize Dispensing, Condition, PRO, death, and death cause). Due Date: 8/18
  • Fall 2016: Wave 2 SSDC (will characterize Labs and Prescribing as well)
  • Fall 2016: Aim 1 Individual Level Queries
  • Winter 2017: Aim 1 Aggregate Level Queries
  • Winter - July 2017:Aim 2 Individual and Aggregate Level Queries
  • August 2017 - Dec 2017: Aim 3 Individual and Aggregate Level Queries (Note: This aim will require linkages to claims / Nation Death Index).

ref: ticket:510#comment:10, updated Aug 9 in ticket:510#comment:15

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postponed until after milestone:grouse-research-1 in a KUMC CMS ETL Scoping & Design meeting 29 Sep 2016.

context: SamTheEagle

Demographics, Diagnoses were done for the LEC in milestone:cms-resdac-etl.

Milestone goal: MU2 Alignment by EMR Build Team from figure 2.1 of the GPC proposal

5th half-year of GPC Phase 2, starting August / September 2017

Each half-year milestone includes a Progress Report - in Phase 1, PCORI provided templates.

PCORnet Phase 2 milestones due in February 2018:

submit year 3 sustainability plan (milestone 2.7.1)

Issues beyond the scope of the initial 18 month PCORI project should be assigned to this milestone.

This milestone honors Morning Star Lake in Nebraska.

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