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Work toward technical milestones continues with DataStandardization and SoftwareDev mailing list, weekly teleconferences, and issue tracking.


Learning Engagement Conference (LEC)

Previous LECs


Planning has begun for for HackathonFive in early 2018.

  1. HackathonOne: Feb 2014 at KUMC.
  2. HackathonTwo: Jan 2015, hosted by UT Health Science Center in San Antonio.
  3. HackathonThree: Jan 26-27, 2016 in Kansas City, hosted by KUMC
  4. HackathonFour: 17-18 Jan 2017 at KUMC in Kansas City, KS

Site visits are indexed under DevTeams.

Babel I2B2 Terminology Sharing Service

babel is the GPC terminology alignment service. We maintain terms and patient counts from i2b2 services from all of the DevTeams.

GPC Project Management and KUMC Staff Contacts

gpc-all mailing list

There are two ways to request to join the list:

  • subscribe by web form: the gpc-all information page includes a subscription form
  • subscribe by email: send a blank message to

Your request should be reviewed by GPC staff within a few business days.

Ethics and Governance/GPC IRB

GovernanceMaterials contains materials supporting both Ethics and Governance for the GPC as well as materials for use by the GPC IRB representatives.

Patient Engagement

PatientEngagement contains materials supporting Patient Engagement activities for the GPC, as well as materials for use by the Patient Advisors Council (PAC).

KUMC PVRM Independent Study Course on Biomedical Informatics Driven Clinical Research





About the Greater Plains Collaborative PCORI CDRN

The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC) is a network of 12 leading medical centers in eight states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence-based practices, and active research dissemination.

Query and Data request forms and collaboration request forms are on [ the main GPC web site].

GPC is part of PCORnet, announced Dec 2013: PCORI Awards $93.5 Million to Develop National Network to Support More Efficient Patient-Centered Research.

PCORnet Data Committee Thoughts

GPC Proposal

For reference:

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